Fundraising Info

Mike's Poker Tables is ready to help you raise the money you need!

In order to conduct a Casino Night Fundraiser or a Texas Hold’em Fundraiser, you MUST follow the step-by-step process detailed below:

1. Your organization must be registered with the "Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission" (LGCCC) and have a current Registration Certificate. Your event must take place before the certificate's expiry date. Most charitable organizations already have a certificate. If you don't have one, here's a link to apply Obtain a Registration Certificate

2. Provide Mike's Poker Tables with a copy of your Registration Certificate and we will complete the State Certification form titled CERTIFICATION (N.J.A.C 13:47-13.7). We will file this with the LGCCC within 48 hours.

3. Mike's Poker Tables will then provide your organization with a notarized Form 13 which you present to the municipal clerk in the town that the event will be held. You will request an application to conduct a Casino Night. You will also need one check made out to the LGCCC for $100 and a second check to the municipality (usually $100). If you wish to conduct 50/50 raffles you need a separate raffle license.

4. The governing body will approve or disapprove your application at a town meeting. If it is approved the municipal clerk will send your application and check to the LGCCC. If the municipality is NOT contacted by the LGCCC within 14 days the municipal clerk may issue your license.

5. Once you have received your license e-mail a copy to Mikes Poker Table LLC. We are required by the LGCCC to keep one on file.

6. This license must be prominently displayed the night of your event.


An organization wishing to hold a Texas Hold’em Fundraiser must be registered with the New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC). If you are not a registered organization contact the LGCCC at 973-273-8000 or Biennial Registration